Learning for All

Instructional Planning: Numeracy

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Numeracy for All: A Community of Practice for Teachers of Students with Significant Disabilities

The Central Alberta Regional Consortia (through the Alberta Regional Consortia), in collaboration with Alberta Education has been hosting one-year communities of practice for teachers from grades 1 to 12 to enhance teacher capacity to meet the mathematics instruction and numeracy needs of students with significant disabilities.

The purpose of this web site is to provide information and strategies for teachers in Alberta who want to learn more about mathematics instruction and numeracy development for students with significant disabilities.


More Language Arts, Math, and Science for Students with Severe Disabilities

Participants in the Learning for All Community of Practice selected some of the chapters of this resource and created summaries of key ideas.

A PDF of each summary is provided for each of the chapters reviewed.


Chapter 8:
Beginning Numeracy Skills

In this chapter, early numeracy skills and their importance as building blocks for children’s mathematical understanding are described. Skill descriptions are followed by research-based practices for teaching these critical skills and the specific steps educators can use to teach them.

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